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The Audeze LCD-2 Classic Closed-Back Headphones are the perfect companion to all music fanatics. Building on the fame of the revered LCD-2 the LCD-2 Classic removes the Fazor elements to deliver a warm and exciting sound that enhances your listening experience enjoying music the way it was supposed to be heard. Featuring a proprietary Planar Magnetic transducer with top-of-the-line drivers the LCD-2 Classic extends the low-end with the signature Audeze sound for a punchy and full-bodied sound that keeps you coming back for more. In comparison to others in the LCD-2 Classic series the Closed-Back version offers superior isolation with a modified design that delivers a wider soundstage. Detailed and non-fatiguing highs are married together with a balanced mid-range presented with a broad and luscious soundscape that encapsulates you in sound free from distortion at any listening level. Encased in bespoke housing the LCD-2 Classic is designed and manufactured entirely in the USA using premium parts and components. Incorporating a glass-infused nylon ring steel-suspension headband and leather-free memory foam earpads the LCD-2 Classic perfectly encapsulates your head to effectively minimise outside ambience and interference whilst remaining impeccably comfortable even over long periods.

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