Audeze LCD-2 Rosewood/Leather Open-Back Headphones


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The Audeze LCD-2 Rosewood/Leather Open-Back Headphones is the headphone that started it all. Steeped in history within the industry the LCD-2 Rosewood faithfully reproduces audio in stunning resolution throughout the frequency range extending from 10Hz – 50kHz. Expertly engineered and hand-made in the USA using proprietary Planar Magnetic Transducers magnetic arrays and top-of-the-line Fazor phase management the LCD-2 has an extremely responsive sound with fast transient detail and immaculate soundstage. The perfect headphone for audiophiles mixing and mastering engineers the LCD-2 provide a revealing sound that effortlessly reproduces every nuance and subtlety within your audio. Ultra-thin 106mm transducers are married perfectly with expert headphone design to create a listening experience thats comfortable and non-fatiguing even during long producing or listening sessions. Expert sound is paired with a truly stunning hand-made design using Caribbean Rosewood and lambskin ear pads to create a visual aesthetic that matches the supreme sound quality. Offering attention to detail everywhere you look the LCD-2 comes included with a robust economy travel case allowing you to take your favourite music with you wherever you go.

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