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The Audeze Penrose Planar Magnetic 3D Wireless Gaming Headset combines stunning sound quality with a broadcast-grade microphone making the Planar one of the best gaming headsets available on the market. Utilising custom 100mm Planar magnetic drivers the Penrose 3D Wireless Gaming Headset allows you to hear every move of your teammates and opponents with crisp and rich sound. It also provides a tactical advantage when playing online allowing you to clearly hear your opponents position when in close quarters thanks to the incredible detail and realism. Utilsiing Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity the Penrose 3D Gaming Headset provides a lossless low-latency wireless connection ensuring the signal will not drop out during pivotal moments during online games. The broadcast-grade microphone allows you to communicate with your team members and chat privately with the utmost clarity ensuring every command and chat is heard. The microphone also features a built-in noise filter which reduces background noise up to 20dB. Designed primarily for use with the PlayStation the Penrose Headset can also be used with a variety of other devices including computers and mobile devices as well as Nintendo games consoles. The headphones also feature built-in volume and mic volume control on the side of the earcups. Not only that the earpads feature memory foam padding providing maximum comfort even during long gaming sessions. You can also gain access to advanced controls including an EQ via the Audeze HQ application available for desktop and mobile. Please Note: This version is designed primarily to work with PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 PC and Mac. The Penrose X is available for Xbox users. Images are for reference only no computer monitor or mobile device is included.

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