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At Home Baking Experience Days: It’s time to show off your baking skills from the comfort of your own kitchen, with this hands-on at-home baking box experience. This includes a step-by-step tutorial. You’ll be granted access to as soon as you’ve booked in your box delivery! Upon receiving or buying your Experience Days voucher, you’ll just need to log on to our website to redeem. You’ll then receive instructions for arranging your at-home experience. You’ll then receive instructions for arranging shipment of your kit. This box has been designed by the experts in all things sweet, Brigit’s Bakery. After many years serving prestigious afternoon tea from their quaint cafĂ© in London, they’ve now turned their well-practiced hands to something a little different. Firstly, you’ll look through the app to select your favourite recipe, and Brigit’s Bakery will send you everything you’ll need to make patisserie quality food from your own kitchen. For younger bakers, a Peppa Pig cake is sure to impress. If you’re looking to perfect your choux pastry technique you can try your hand at chocolate eclairs, or for the ambitious bakers, there’s even a selection of entremets. As soon as you’ve made your decision and booked your box, you’ll be granted access to an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. The best part is that most recipes include 8 servings, meaning you get to enjoy and show off your decadent dessert to others. You’ll also have access to free recipes on the app to continue your baking journey!This at-home baking box is perfect for anyone who enjoys baking and sweet treats, and is looking to go that extra mile in the kitchen with an easy to follow guide.

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