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The Sultan ascends to the flagship line of in-ear monitors created by Noble Audio. Hear every nuance and feel the excitement in the music the way the artist intended with 7 drivers consisting of three different types that cover the entire frequency range. Featuring tight yet extended bass by use of a single 10mm dynamic driver detailed mids utilising four Knowles balanced armature drivers and smooth non-fatiguing high frequencies rendered by dual electrostatic super tweeters these are perfect in-ear monitors for music and audio fanatics. Encased in a bespoke CNC aluminium body The Sultans incorporates a handcrafted acrylic faceplate wax screen ergonomic design and industry standard 2-pin sockets (0.78mm). The aluminium body is vented and contoured perfectly to encapsulate your ear giving you complete isolation when wearing the monitors blocking out all outside noises and interference giving you the best listening experience possible. The Sultan features attention to detail everywhere you look including the packaging which includes a Nanuk 903 case arguably the most durable small impact case created. The Sultans sound signature is sublime and appeals to many in the audiophile world and beyond with excellent bass extension superb mids and non-fatiguing but detailed highs you can enjoy state of the art performance for years to come.

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