1 Pack Green Stripe Striped Cotton Knitted Tie – Green Stripe Men’s One Size – Moustard


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Out of favour for quite some time, the knitted tie has become the slim, straight saviour of casual, smart men’s fashion. This Moustard Striped Cotton Knitted Tie has it all – navy background to allow it to be worn in an office or a bar, bright pattern to give it freshness and impact, plus the essential textured look and narrow, flat, squared bottom. Moustard is a modern UK brand forged in 2015 from a shared passion for men’s fashion accessories, and this 100% cotton woven tie is a fine example of their ethos, combining the freshness with trustability and elegance that allows the tie to be worn year-round, and for any number of occasions, from dressing up denim to adding a modern twist to a basic black jacket.

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