Bosch Haushalt TAT8612 Toaster with built-in home baking attachment Light green, Stainless steel



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Special stainless steel technology for special enjoymentMirror HeatingOne of the main reasons for the great popularity of toast is the typical rust aroma and its consistently golden brown color. Mirror Heating enables these enjoyment in perfect quality: Four quartz glass rods generate heat, the reflectors thrown back and thus is distributed evenly on the surface of the toast bread. Mirror HeatingAuto Heat ControlThe function auto heat control checked by means of a sensor is constantly the temperature and adjusts the rust duration of the toasts. So you can be sure that your toast from the first to the last disc always use the same tanning degree has and always the same enjoyment promises. Alternative: when toasting of several windows one behind the other heats up to rust. Thus the last Toast the desired tanning degree, checks the car heat control function by means of a sensor is constantly the temperature and adjusts, where appropriate, the rust duration. Crumb TrayToast, not krumelt, does not has to be invented. And because that is so, we have a crumb tray is integrated. Crumb TrayDigital browning settingThus everyone toast always gets him like mag, Bosch has developed the digital browning setting with memory function. You will remember the rust-level and provides these at the next toast again. For more comfort and flexibility there is also the defrosting indication-as well as toast function. Bread rolls warmerIf a beautiful, cozy breakfast also once crispy bread rolls or croissants on the program, provides the bread rolls warmer for perfect results. This text is machine translated.

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