Competition Staunton Black and Sheesham Chess Set with Case


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Luxury Competition Staunton Chess pieces, hand crafted from solid Boxwood and Ebonised Boxwood. The attention to detail is mesmerising at this price! The Knights have characterful aggressive expressions with a well defined maine and flared nostrils. Noticeably weighted and well balanced in the hand, the pieces are presented in a hand made solid sheesham box which is compartmented and lined with a green flocking material. Hand finished and hand polished with natural waxes, the case is a work of art on its own! The chess board is a medium large at 21 inches/ 54cm in width. Made from mahogany and maple in Spain, it provides the perfect platform to display these wonderfully crafted Staunton chessmen. This chess set includes everything one needs and represents outstanding value for money. King Height is 9.52cm / 3.75 inches Chess board squares are 5.7cm in width Board dimensions : 54 x 54 x 1cm Total weight unpacked is 4.5kg materials Used : Sheesham, Boxwood, MAPLE, Mahogany

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