National Trust Freiburg Peanut Butter Bird Feeder


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The National Trust Freiburg Peanut Butter Holder will hold four jars of peanut butter for birds, or four twist & feed jars at once. Why not try four different flavours to see which your birds prefer? Give this modern wooden feeder a place on your wall, tree or fence. Simply remove the peanut butter lid from the jar and slide it under the roof into the holder. Secure the jar with the slider. Our specially formulated Peanut Butter for Birds has been developed specifically for garden birds and is super high in calories! Our Twist & Feed jars are filled with energy-rich ingredients guaranteed to be popular with your little feathered guests. Both our peanut butter and twist and feed food jars are made on our farm in Shropshire. Every purchase from the National Trust Garden Wildlife Range contributes to the National Trust’s conservation projects that directly benefit wildlife. Customers are therefore supporting both local wildlife and the work carried out by the National Trust to …

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