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The Noble Khan is a hand-assembled Tri-Level Hybrid In-ear monitor that produces an all-conquering signature sound. Playback your music exactly how it was recorded in extreme detail and delicacy thanks to the six drivers consisting of four balanced armature drivers for balanced mid-range a 10MM dynamic driver providing an extended bass response that spares no weight and a piezoelectric driver producing the crystal clear top end. An industry first the Khans feature a handcrafted M3 composite “Mokume Gane” faceplate which results in a unique pattern for every IEM. a Japanese metal-working procedure that results in a mixed-metal laminate with a distinctively layered pattern. In this case the M3 composite is a collage or a swirl of black and whites on the Khan and very distinctive looking it is also. The M3 composite face plate on every set of Khans is absolutely unique and you will have a very hard time finding two models that look the same. This unique design adds to the prestige of the Khans to ensure the reputation is not challenged by any who try. Please Note: Note that for certain smartphones some are insufficiently shielded for the Khan. Please use the included 3.5mm adapter included.

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