Polyvine Cascarez Fast Grab Wood Adhesive 500ml


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The ultimate fast grab wood adhesive. Bonds in ten minutes, for fast assembly work. Fast grab, fast bond wood glue that dries clear. It is easy to apply straight from the nozzle, forms a water-resistant, strong bond and is an ideal product for general joinery, furniture and kitchens. Used correctly it will bond most woods in 10 minutes and be ready to handle in 30 minutes. Bonds stronger than the wood itself in less than 2 hours! Suitable for all woods and joinery, assembly of doors, window frames and furniture. Not suitable for continuous immersion in water. Ideal to use for: Cabinet making, General joinery, Doors, Window frames, Furniture. Tack time: 10 minutes, cure time: 2-4 hours. This polymer emulsion, exterior or interior EN204D3, is the highest grade of wood adhesive available.Size: 500ml.

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