Sovereign Series Ebony and Boxwood Chessmen 3 Inches


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Classic Staunton design. Beautifully crafted from ebony. 3 inch (76 mm) king. 2 additional queens. Weighted for perfect balance. Bases covered with billiard cloth. Certificate of authenticity. Ideal for a 20 inch (50 cm) board. The Sovereign series chessmen in ebony and natural boxwood is one of the most elegant and beautiful Staunton chess sets we carry in our stock here at the Regency Chess Company. The king height is just three inches, seemingly small for a set of luxury chess pieces. The broadness of the bases means that the scale is spot on, weighting good and balance near perfect. They are most at home on a twenty inch chess board or will squeeze onto an eighteen inch at a push. What’s particularly special about these is there has been no compromise in their detail and styling whatsoever, in fact the size of these chessmen works extremely well with the high level of detail to the point where they seem more detailed than they would if they were larger. To summarise; small is beautiful. The set has been expertly crafted by the world’s finest producer of wooden chessmen using clean graded boxwood and ebony. The ebony has been selected for its luxurious jet black look and uniformity of the tone across the set is excellent. These sets are produced by special order in quantities of no more than ten at a time with just one knight carver used for each and every knight. This means you can expect all four knights in the set to be virtually identical, despite the fact that they have been carved by human hands. Each set comes numbered and certified as a genuine product of The Regency Chess Company England and represents an great investment. This luxury set includes 4 queens

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