The Berkeley Chess Movie Stars Russet and Palisander Grand Chess Set


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Intricately sculpted in the UK. Stunning attention to detail. Striking 5.25 inch King. Heavy stone resin pieces. Richly coloured finish. Spanish-made deluxe Montgoy board. The iconic stars of the golden era of Hollywood movies are beautifully commemorated with this wonderfully unique chess set, including stone resin pieces crafted in the UK and a deluxe Palisander and Maple Montgoy Board. The end of the silent movie era in the 1920s paved the way for Hollywood’s Golden Age, with huge film studios such as MGM, Paramount and 20th Century Fox catapulting Dozens of legendary actors into the limelight. The Keystone Cops, Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp provided wonderful escapist entertainment for audiences of the day, and they continue to captivate film lovers today. This uniquely imaginative chess set brings the classic stars back to life, and feature many of the most popular screen legends of the day. The King: Charlie Chaplin The Queen: Mae West The Bishop: The Marx Brothers The Knight: W.C. Fields The Rook: Laurel and Hardy The Pawn: Keystone Cops

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