The Berkeley Chess Roman Metal & Palisander Chess Set


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Stone and metal crushed resin chess pieces. Imerpious 4.25 inch King. Unique metal effect colouring Superb detail. Matched perfectly with a beautiful Spanish board. Dating from the 8th century BC, this civilisation developed into the city of Rome and subsequently gave its name to the Empire over which it ruled. The Romans expanded into one of the largest empires in the ancient world and evolved from a monarchy, to a classical republic to an autocratic empire over the many centuries of its existence Contributing to modern law, politics, government, art, literature, warfare, technology, society, language and religion, the Romans also achieved incredible architectural and engineering feats with the construction of extensive road and aqua-duct networks as well as large palaces, monuments and public facilities. The craftsmen of Berkeley Chess have expertly recreated the stately atmosphere of Rome with this classical chess set and we here at Regency Chess have matched it with a stunning black anegre and Palisander high gloss board from Spain. The details of each chess piece are as follows: King: Julius Caesar Queen: A Lady of noble birth in typical dress Bishop: A Standard Bearer carrying the insignia of the Legion Knight: Equestrian soldier of the period Rook: A Roman garrison tower Pawn: Armed Legionnaire of the period

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