The Berkeley Chess Scottish Metal and Palisander Chess Set


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Superb detail. Ston and metal crushed resin chess pieces. Unique metallic colouring Recognisable historical characters/symbols. Matched with stunning 21.7 Black Anegre and Palisander deluxe board. Scotland, a country that has faced many invasions many times, has a complex yet fascinating history but with her extraordinary growth over the centuries, has contributed to culture and society. Hadrian’s Wall was constructed as a defensive fortification after the Romans invaded Britain in the 1st century AD. In 1066, saw the onslaught of the Normans resulting in many Anglo-Saxons settling in Scotland and adopting English ways. From this, Feudalism and nobility was established and because the Towns grew, trade increased and Scotland prospered! With Margaret, heiress to the throne dying in 1920, Edward I of England announced the right to bestow the crown to John de Baliol. Unfortunately, this favour was not returned when John pledged allegiance to the French instead of standing by Edward. So, a naturally aggrieved Edward invaded Scotland and declared himself King. The Scots were not impressed by this and under the command of William Wallace, they retaliated and successfully disposed the King at Stirling Bridge. Soon after however, Wallace was captured and brutally executed. In 1314 fighting against the English at Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce followed in Wallace’s footsteps. It was 14 years later that Edward III acknowledged Scotland’s independence. Following the succession and eventual death of King James IV of Scotland, his baby daughter, Mary Stuart inherited the throne and by association, a very hard life. Originally driven out by John Knox, she returned to Scotland only to be captured and imprisoned. Having escaped and fled to England, in the end she was captured and executed on the order of Queen Elizabeth 1. It was Mary’s son, James VII, who finally united England and Scotland under one Monarch when hetook the throne on the death of Queen Elizabeth I. The rivalry between the nation that had lasted centuries formally ceased in 1707 with the agreement of the Act of Union. Berkeley Chess have captured the rich and varied history of Scotland in this majestic chess set and we have matched it with a beautiful high gloss black anegre and palisander deluxe board made in Spain to create this truly stunning chess set. The King: King Robert the Bruce The Queen: Mary Queen of Scots The Bishop: John Knox The Knight: Sir William Wallace The Rook: Scottish Tower House The Pawn : Scottish Thistle

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