The Berkeley Chess Victorian Cardinal Palisander Chess Set


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Beautifully crafted in the UK. Stunning attention to detail. Striking 4 inch King. Solid crushed stone resin pieces. Rich Red and Cream finish. Includes Spanish Montgoy Deluxe Board. Inspired by the iconic Victorian design of playing cards, these elegant pieces are carefully crafted in UK and coloured with a warm Cardinal Red and Palisander Cream finish. This set includes a stunning Spanish-made 17.75 Inch Montgoy Palisander and Maple Deluxe Chess Board. Taking its name from Queen Victoria – Britain’s longest-ruling sovereign, the Victorian era spanned from 1837 until Victoria’s death in January 1901. This revolutionary time transformed Britain from an largely agricultural island nation into a world-leading industrial powerhouse and a vast naval empire. A time of great contrasts – from poverty and division to opulence and enlightenment, and from the heart and passion of the industrial revolution to the fanciful splendour of the Belle Époque – nothing speaks of the grandeur and strength of Britain like the Victorians. These exquisite designs perfectly capture the whimsy and atmosphere of this majestic time.

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